In gas turbine engines, compressor sections compress airflow, combustor sections combine airflow with fuel for combustion and generate exhaust, and turbine sections convert exhaust into torque to drive the compressor sections. In gas turbine engines, spline compressor adapters can be used to link various rotating elements. Examples include a shaft with shaft splines and a hub with hub splines that are intended to fit the shaft.

A low-speed spool might be used on the shaft, and a fan hub could be used on the hub. The shaft splines may interact with the hub splines as a result of shaft rotation, causing the hub to revolve. Continuing with the example, the low-speed spool could be subjected to torque from the turbine section, causing it to rotate.

The rotation of the low-speed spool can be transferred to the fan hub via the spline compressor adapters, causing the fan hub to rotate and, as a result, the fan.

Manufacturing spline compressor adapter Applications

Spline shafts are widely employed in consumer goods, automobiles, airplanes, and earthmoving equipment because they can handle high rotation rates while creating torque. Secondly, goods and items containing splines are used in a variety of industries, including commercial, defense, general industry and equipment, energy, healthcare, musical instruments, leisure, power tool, transportation, and scientific research.

There are two types of spline compressor adapters: internal and exterior. These types can be used together to transmit torque through a system.

Spline shafts include involute splines, which have short, curved, and evenly spaced teeth; parallel splines, which are short, straight-sided splines; serrated splines, which are V-shaped; and helical splines, which are designed for optimal load sharing.

Each type of spline has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, involute splines have increased surface contact for better torque transfer and a design that reduces the possibility of misalignment with mating elements.

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