In the field of procurement, an end-to-end process could entail examining every step of the supply chain for a business, from locating and acquiring raw materials to distributing products to final customers. End-to-end procurement software systems give businesses a complete picture of their supply chain, including the cost and transit time of goods from vendors.

It takes expertise in supply chain management, locating raw materials, and achieving purchasing objectives to complete the end-to-end procurement process. Learn more about the benefits of end-to-end procurement and the steps involved.

What is an end-to-end procurement process?

End-to-end refers to a process that completes a service from start to finish and provides a fully working solution, typically without the help of any third party. It commonly applies to suppliers handling a project from start to finish and providing all the materials needed to develop a functional solution, including personnel, written materials, hardware, and software.

For instance, in the petroleum sector, logistics and transportation firms provide flexible and affordable end-to-end customer services, including everything from order planning to inventory control, loading, transportation, and delivery.

Benefits of end-to-end procurement:

  • End-to-end procurement refers to delivering complicated systems or services in a functional state following their development from start to finish.
  • End-to-end processing can improve a company’s productivity and efficiency by cutting out the middleman.
  • End-to-end agreements are frequently the most cost-effective when working with complicated services or systems.
  • In the IT industry, end-to-end is most frequently used throughout the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases.
  • An example of end-to-end in a sector outside of IT is logistics, where service providers handle inventory management, storage, and distribution.

The Stages involved in end-to-end procurement:

Even though procurement is highly customized, a few crucial steps are typically followed by all companies.

Step 1: Determine what you need.

The first step in the procurement process is recognizing or determining the need for a product. This is a crucial step since it will help you set the stage for the rest of the procedure. During this phase, companies will establish a budget, and a thorough expenditure evaluation will typically occur.

Step 2: Create and send a purchase request

 An approved purchase request turns into a purchase order. If the request is declined, it will normally be sent back to the submitter with a brief explanation. 

Step 3: The solicitation procedure

 The complexity of the need ultimately determines the breadth of this particular solicitation plan.

After the budget has been approved, the procurement team sends several requests for quotations (RFQ) to suppliers to select the best vendor.

Step 4: Evaluation and contract

The procurement team will study and assess supplier quotations following the formal closure of the solicitation process.

A legally binding contract establishes as soon as a vendor accepts and acknowledges the PO.

Step 5: Managing orders

Within the allotted period, the vendor offers the promised goods or services. After receiving the items, the buyer inspects the order and notifies the vendor of any flaws.

Step 6: Invoice approvals

To ensure that you have received the order accurately and that there are no conflicts, the purchaser runs a three-way matching between the GRN, Supplier Invoice, and PO at this stage. The invoice is accepted and sent to payment processing once the three-way matching is finished.

Step 7: Maintaining Records

Buyers keep a record of the payment process for bookkeeping and auditing purposes. All essential paperwork is kept in one centralized spot, from purchase requests to approved invoices.

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