Custom features for your oilfield cementing equipment

Being a cementing company owner, one of the biggest questions may be which features are necessary for the cementing equipment you need to purchase. 

Buying the wrong piece of equipment can have serious consequences, from wasted time and money to even worse effects down the road. So it’s essential to do your research. Here are some of the top features to consider when considering which oilfield cementing equipment will work best for your business.


Cementing is essential for oil and gas companies. As it provides a protective layer between pockets of underground resources and nearby wells. It reduces fracturing problems. Several cementing companies and internal engineering departments regularly offer cementing services. 

Whether in-house or outsourced, these service providers require specific types of oilfield cementing equipment to help complete their work effectively. Below is the list of those custom features, you can ask for while looking for cementing services:

  • Emergency Shutdown

An emergency shutdown is important in critical cementing operations to ensure cement doesn’t get pumped into a reservoir. This feature immediately stops a pump from operating when it’s closed. 

Suppose an emergency shutdown goes off in case of an already cemented well. That can lead to irregular or faulty cement placement in future production and drilling. As a result, it leads to problems down the road. 

Auto-Stop: While not as critical as an emergency shutdown, auto-stop is still necessary for some applications. You can stop a pump with the help of an auto-stop mechanism if its power supply gets interrupted. Some basic models automatically restart when power resumes. While more advanced models will shut down until someone gets there and manually activates them again.

  • Engine Configurations

As with drilling rigs, cementing companies offer a variety of engine configurations for their cementing equipment. An important feature to consider is how much horsepower each model provides. 

A smaller engine may be more fuel-efficient and less expensive to purchase. Still, an operator who needs maximum power during extended hours of operation may want to choose a machine that offers greater horsepower. 

Single-pump engines are ideal for operators with limited space available in their yards. Single-pump engines work in remote locations without access to electricity or water. 

Twin pumps provide additional pumping capacity. They allow operators to pump cement slurry and water simultaneously, reducing downtime between jobs.

  • Heating & Cooling Packages

Custom-engineered for each cementing service, Prismecs supplies a complete line of Heating & Cooling Packages. We ensure a smooth-running environment for oilfield cementing service.

The oilfield cementing business requires long hours of specialized work, often challenging climate conditions. 

Packaged Cement Plants: Our packaged cement plants have been designed with you in mind. Designed to be set up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • Dual Compartments

Dual-compartments can help you save time and cement. If you’re mixing and distributing cement at separate locations, dual-compartments help keep things organized and reduce trip time. It ultimately reduces wasted time and money. 

And, if one compartment is busy while another isn’t, dual-compartments allow you to switch more easily between them without having to stop working in either one.

  • Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure that your cementing service doesn’t have any problems when pumping cement. 

Are you looking for the best way to make sure that your oilfield cementing is ready for any operation?

Perform regular maintenance checks and routine adjustments according to plant guidance.

  • Customer care

When selecting new oilfield cementing services, it’s good to choose a great customer care company. 

Customer care means more than just service availability. It also includes quality and willingness to help. Make sure to ask potential sellers about their customer care policies.

Other Custom Features

The drilling industry is not just one single segment anymore. Each drilling operation is different depending on location, time of year, or even specific weather conditions. 

Here is a way to keep your drill pipe running smoothly. You have to buy equipment that can handle certain needs for your cementing process and your oil drilling in general. 

If you are not sure how to approach choosing these extra features for your cementing equipment, contact us today so we can answer your questions!

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