What is a Magnetic Chip Detector?

A magnetic chip detector is an electronic apparatus that attracts ferromagnetic elements (mostly iron chips). It is mainly used in airplane engine oil chip detection systems. Chip detectors can deliver an early caution of an imminent engine failure and thus significantly decrease the cost of an engine renovation.

How does a Magnetic Chip Detector functions?

Chip Detectors contain of small plugs, which can be, fitted in an engine oil filter, oil sump or airplane drivetrain gearboxes. Over a period, use causes minor metal chips to break loose from engine parts and flow in the engine oil.

The sensor houses magnets combined into an electric circuit. Magnetic lines of force appeal ferrous elements. Assembly of these particles lasts until the insulated air gap amid the magnets (two-magnet configuration) or between the magnet and housing (one magnet configuration) is linked, efficiently closing the circuit. The result is an electronic signal for faraway indication. Thus, cautionary light on the instrument panel lights up, signifying the presence of metal chips.

Chip detectors either can be located in the application with an automatically closing valve/adapter through a bayonet or threaded interface. As the chip detector is detached from the valve, the valve closes minimalizing any fluid damage from the system.

The chip detectors utilized on airplanes are inspected in each ‘A check’ and higher. They can also be specified intermissions such as every 30–40 hours for an engine unit and 100 hours for an APU unit.

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