A More Efficient and Sustainable Solution for Power Generation:

A Gas turbine also known as combustion turbine works as a combustion engine in the center of a power plant that converts gas or other liquid fuel into mechanical energy. This energy then powers a generator that produces electricity that moves through the power lines to our homes and offices. To generate the electric energy, a gas turbine heats a mixture of air and fuel at a very high temperature which causes the blades of the turbine to spin. The spinning turbine powers a generator that turns energy into electricity.


Gas Turbine Power Plants are cost effective and durable for the generation of electricity. Prismecs provides us these power plants for sustainable development as they produce less pollutant by their latest carbon capturing technologies to reduce green house emissions. Gas turbines services are an integral part of Prismecs which provides comprehensive solutions for their valued customers.

The gas turbines are being installed in many of today’s gas fueled power plants as they are complicated machines with high-tech specifications.

They involve three main components:

  • The Compressor:

It drives air into the engine, pressurizes it and flows into the combustion chamber at a very high speed.

  • The Combustion System:

It comprises of a network of fuel injectors that feeds a stream of fuel into the combustion chambers where it is mixed with air. The mixture is burned at a very high temperature of approximately 2000 degrees F. The combustion generates a high temperature and pressure that spreads through the turbine section.

  • The Turbine:

It is a complex arrangement of stationary and rotating aerofoil section blades. As the hot combustion gas spreads through the turbine, it spins the rotating blades. The rotating blades perform a dual function as they push the compressor to draw pressurized air into the combustion chamber and they spin a generator to produce electricity.

Land based gas turbines are of two kinds i.e. heavy frame engines and aeroderivative engines. Heavy frame engines are defined by lower pressure ratios and have a tendency to be physically large. Aeroderivative engines are evolved from jet engines and work at a very high compression ratio. Aeroderivative engines are compact and are beneficial where smaller outputs are required. Large frame turbines possess high power outputs so that they can produce large amounts of emissions.

A turbine’s fuel to power efficiency is the key at which temperature it operates. Higher temperature basically means higher efficiency which means a cost effective operation. Gas flowing through a simple power plant can be as hot as 2300 degrees F. Some of the metals in the turbine can only resist temperature as hot as 1500 or 1700 degrees F. So the air from the compressor can be used 

for cooling turbine components and minimizing the thermal efficiency. Another way to enhance efficiency is to place a recuperator or heat recovery system generator (HRSG) in it to restore energy from a turbine’s exhaust.  A HRSG produces steam by catching heat from the turbine exhaust.

One of the major accomplishments of a modern gas turbine power plant system is to breakthrough from the previous limitations on the temperatures of turbine system by incorporating innovative cooling technologies and advanced materials. 

Gas turbines are essential components of the advanced systems which are designed for new electric power plants in the US. With the help of gas turbines the power plants will provide clean, cost effective and fuel efficient electricity.

Benefits of Gas Turbine Power Plants:

  • Gas Turbine Power Plants have a low operational cost because when they are operated at high temperatures, they use less fuel which makes the process cost effective and economical.
  • Gas turbine power plants need less maintenance as compared to others to stay operational.
  • They are more efficient and durable due to their compact structural design and can be installed in a small space.
  • Gas Turbine Power plants use carbon capturing technologies to reduce green house emissions which produces very few pollutants.


Gas turbines are the major electricity-generating components in power plants.  When they are operated at high temperatures, they use less fuel, function more efficiently, and enable carbon capture technologies to more effectively minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Prismecs  provides sustainable gas turbine power plants for the oil and gas industries, metals and mining industries and for the generation of electricity. Our skilled engineers design dependable trunkey solutions for balancing plant (BOP) and planned maintenance.

Prismecs is a trusted partner where you can look for the best solution to cater your needs. Kindly give us a call at 18887747632 or you can directly email us at sales@prismecs.com.

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