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DLN Tuning Services in Turbines: How do we work?

February 12, 2024


DLN tuning services' primary function is ensuring that the DLN combustion system works within its regulatory emissions limits. They reduce combustion dynamic flow levels and ensure enough lean blows out margin over the low NOx operating range.

Combustion DLN tuning services are needed during basic unit start-up and periodically any time after combustion and hot gas flow hardware gets changed out. Furthermore, combustion tuning might help achieve your goals for work flexibility.

Prismecs combustion engineers can join you on your work site or connect remotely to ensure DLN tuning services. Our combustion engineer utilizes site CEMS emissions data & CDMS combustion dynamics data. This process is crucial to assess the condition of the gas turbine and system. It makes changes to boost emissions & combustion dynamics to reduce combustion hardware stress stages.

Our clients don't need to install the CDMS system; we can ensure a portable system for employing the tuning procedure. We also generate portable and permanent tuning systems for sale to clients.

DLN-1 High Load Transfer

Premixed Steady-State (PMSS) combustion mode must employ DLN-1 combustion systems to fulfill low NOx & CO emissions. DLN-1 combustion systems convey from the Lean-Lean (LL) combustion mode to PMSS mode as the gas turbine load upgrades above nominally 50 percent load. The combustion system stays in PMSS mode in the center of 50 percent and base load.

Momentary system disturbs, which include

  • Gas supply flow fluctuations
  • The availability of liquids in the petrol
  • Gas management valve fluctuations
  • Instrumentation issues

These problems can become the reason for the flame to re-ignite in the primary combustion zone.

This main re-ignition (PRI) becomes the reason for the unintended conveyance of the combustor from PMSS to boosted Lean-Lean (LL-EXT) mode. In LL-EXT mode, the gas turbine functions out of emissions compliance, with NOx boosting from individual digits to probably 100 ppm. Furthermore, operation in LL-EXT mode results in a life management factor of 10 for the combustor hardware.

  • System Supply, Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning

Once we recognize the optimum solution, our team of experts can undertake the entire conversion. The solutions include all essential hardware & software system modifications required on the previous and current control systems.

Our team has excellent experience and skills in ensuring gas turbine users' entire emission abatement systems.

It includes both "wet" & "dry" systems. We work with each individual to determine their needs regarding NOx levels. We also determine the expense of each potential NOx mitigation strategy to recognize the most cost-effective approach for each case.

 Furthermore, in our DLN tuning services, we also devise NOx emission calculations for every possible scenario to ensure the system's compliance before its installation.

  • Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Tool

Dry Low NOx (DLN) Combustors work at lean fuel-to-air ratios to meet individual digit NOx emissions regulations. Functions at fuel/air ratios close to the lean flammability limit can ensure DLN combustors are prone to dynamic flow oscillations. It can lead to accelerated wear & mechanical problems. Regular DLN tuning services are essential to ensure compliance with emission regulations & long-term components integrity.

TTS' CMS-1000 Combustor Dynamic Monitoring System is perfect for evaluating dynamic flow pulsations in gas turbine DLN applications. Hardware configuration & setup are simple processes, and the software has an easy interface. It ensures data in forms that DLN tuners & managers can easily optimize the DLN working process. This system can ensure these 2 configurations:

  1. Portable
  2. Permanent
  • System Design Engineering & Consulting

Prismecs emissions abatement programs help you to achieve your PPM goals and optimize the entire performance of your gas turbine system. We have in-depth knowledge of gas turbines. It helps us become your partner and assist you in boosting the performance of your combustion system.

We provide industry-leading consulting and DLN tuning services to gas turbine owners & function managers worldwide. Also, we offer an extensive range of emissions solutions, independent power generators, and private-sector enterprises.

Our technical team has a great knowledge of mechanical and electrical controls. It supports various systems for overall system designs. We have the following Gas turbine models & combustion systems:

  • 7FA DLN-2.6
  • 6FA DLN-2
  • DLN-2.6
  • 9FA DLN-2+
  • DLN-2.6+
  • 7EA / 6B / 5P DLN-1

Operational Troubleshooting: DLN Tuning services

We are committed to reducing toxic environmental emissions and are willing to transform our environment into a green economy driven by sustainable engineering practices. We always think Eco-system optimization is prompting governments worldwide to require gas turbine users to overcome NOx emissions from their units.

Such environmental demands vary from country to country & site to site. The most budget-friendly systems can vary on different factors such as the accessibility of resources & the diversity of governmental policies, rules & regulations.

Lean blowout & regulatory NOx excursions are normal functional problems on DLN-2.6 systems that have been turned in a non-proper way. Prismecs team understands all the impact of ambient temperature variation on inducing these issues and establishes tuning criteria to mitigate their future occurrence.

Sometimes a gas turbine comes out of a scheduled outage with specifically increased NOx, above regulatory limits. We will determine pre and post-outage turbine functionality and data to diagnose the reason for the problem and ensure short- and long-term services to manage operations within compliance.

Prismecs is an excellent choice if you are searching for any DLN tuning services for gas turbines. We have an excellent team of experts that can provide in-house and cost-effectively remote services.

We have the proper equipment and technology to provide next-level DLN tuning services. We don't take much time to fulfill the project; we can meet strict deadlines. Here you can find all kinds of industrial services. We have an expert team that can serve you in many fields. Also, you can get complete assistance from day to night. You can contact us any time; we are always here to assist you in-depth. You can directly contact us on this given number; 18887747632.


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