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Prismecs Appoints Adama Gaye as VP of Strategic Growth

June 24, 2024


Oil and gas, energy, and infrastructure expert joins leader in turnkey services solutions to drive global industrial innovation and efficiency.

HOUSTON, TX., March 7, 2024 -  Prismecs, a leader in turnkey energy and industrial services solutions, is pleased to announce Adama Gaye as the new Vice President of Strategic Growth. Gaye brings over 20 years of international business and geopolitical expertise, enhancing Prismecs' momentum in emerging markets since its founding in 2019. His efforts will focus on enabling some of the world's most challenging operations with innovative and agile service solutions.

"Prismecs is focused on innovation, enabling industrial execution in a world often stuck in planning," said Junaid Ali, CEO of Prismecs. "Adama's diverse expertise is the perfect fit for our global expansion strategy."

Gaye, an expert and author on international relations, has global expertise in water, energy, and infrastructure. His previous roles include Director of Communication at ECOWAS and executive management at Ecobank. Gaye holds degrees from prestigious institutions such as Oxford, and Sorbonne, and has been a Fellow at Harvard, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Beijing University, and Stanford. Read media clipping about Adama Gaye Here.

“It’s an honor to join Prismecs and bring industrial innovation to areas where we can transform local economies and promote sustainability,” said Gaye. “By strategically adapting advanced technologies, we can elevate local industries and integrate operational efficiency with ecological responsibility."

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Prismecs partners with industrial businesses across sectors like oil & gas, power, energy, and telecom. The company excels in efficient resource demand management and optimizing operations through technology and expertise. Since 2019, Prismecs has grown its service offerings and workforce, supporting industry diversification and serving 15+ countries across five continents.

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Prismecs is the leader in turnkey energy and industrial services solutions for sectors including oil & gas, power, energy, and telecom. The company offers comprehensive engineering solutions (EPCM), reliable operations and maintenance support, and cutting-edge technology services. Prismecs operates in 15+ countries across five continents, delivering integrated solutions for the world's toughest operations. For more information, visit