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What Do You Need to Know About DLN Tuning Services?

February 27, 2024


Combustion adjustment is necessary for combustion systems during initial unit startup and occasionally when combustion or hot gas route hardware is replaced. Additionally, you need combustion tuning to assist you in achieving your objectives for operating flexibility.

Why do you need DLN Tuning?

Additionally, you can require combustion tuning to assist you in achieving your objectives for operating flexibility.

DLN tuning aims to minimize combustion dynamic pressure levels, provide adequate lean blowout margin across the low NOx operating range, and guarantee that the DLN Tuning Services combustion system functions within its regulatory emissions limitations.

According to Liang Jianqiang, manager of the Shenzhen Nanshan Power Plant, "Power generation enterprises are presently under pressure from environmental indicators and economic performance" (opening image). "We are still looking for a two-way solution to maintain clear skies in the neighborhood while enhancing asset performance. Our requirements are ideal for GE's [Dry Low NOx] DLN 1.0+ ultra-low NOx combustion improvement.

GE has proven its superior technological position and exceptional execution skills through this collaboration. We were able to upgrade our facilities while still ensuring a reliable electricity supply with GE's assistance.

DLN Tuning Services in Gas Plants

In addition to offering this flexibility, DLN Tuning Services & combustor systems aid in meeting the demands of tightening emissions rules.

F-class plant owners and operators must find creative solutions to be profitable. It would help them address the competing issues of increased demand to comply with stricter emissions rules and change operational profiles beyond a plant's initial design.

Supply, manufacturing, assembly, and testing of the system:

Our team can complete the conversion, including all necessary hardware and software adjustments on the current control systems. We can also introduce new techniques after the best option has been determined.

Prismecs team has a wealth of expertise in providing both "wet" and "dry" solutions for comprehensive pollution abatement for gas turbine customers. To determine the most cost-effective system for each situation, we collaborate with each customer to examine their needed NOx levels and the costs of each conceivable NOx reduction strategy. We can also give NOx emission predictions for each potential scenario to ensure the system is compliant before it is installed.

DLN Combustion Differs from a Standard Combustor

There are several "flavors" of DLN. While some differ significantly from one another, they all have multiple fuel nozzles in contrast to the majority of conventional combustors (diffusion flame combustors).

Higher temperatures produce more NOx, while lower temperatures produce less NOx.

Another method of lowering flame temperature is to increase the amount of air in the combustion mixture significantly. Due to its extreme leanness, this combustion process is unstable. It frequently needs a "pilot" diffusion flame to ignite and sustain the necessary combustion temperature.

Therefore, one of the numerous nozzles' tasks is to "inject'' the fuel into an atmosphere that is highly air-rich. It also provides the appropriate circumstances (pilot flame) for the fuel to burn without a big diffusion flame. Connect with Prismecs for all types of DLN Tuning Services.

The Bottom Line

When your operations are at stake, choose an end-to-end partner with a reputation for integrity and reliability. Every part counts in today's industrial environment. But too many companies are stuck in the "multi-supplier" model of the past, making it difficult to get the job done right. With Prismecs, industrial teams finally have the trusted end-to-end partner they deserve to operate. We secure the parts and develop a solution. We install and maintain industrial products. We deliver every industrial product with reliability and integrity.

So, call us today to record your queries!

Our experts are always available to respond to your queries. Our official contact number is 18887747632, and our official email address for order booking and asking queries is So, write to us today, if you have any questions regarding DLN tuning services!


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