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Top 10 Maintenance Tips for Wind Turbine Spare Parts

February 26, 2024


Every technical system requires routine maintenance to ensure adequate service life. However, highly complex systems like wind turbines need regular inspection to guarantee trouble-free and smooth operation. In this domain, wind turbine spare parts are significant. If you want to know exclusive tips about wind turbine maintenance, dive deep into further reading.

Why is Wind Turbine Maintenance & Reparation Required?

The maintenance and repair of wind turbines takes place at predetermined intervals, usually once or twice a year, with all essential mechanical and electrical assemblies checked on. Furthermore, few repairs can be performed & consumables like grease can be exchanged for oil & filters very quickly. Typically, this process requires probably 20 working hours.

More swear types of damage, above all to the rotor blades, are managed during repairs. It depends on the extent and complexity of the loss; this process can take more than a few days. However, such repairs usually result in little downtime & are relatively simple.

However, repairs for gearboxes, rotor blades & the generator are complicated.

Wind turbine spare parts are costly, and the repair work needs significantly longer downtime. Damage also frequently emerges to the tower’s foundation, flanges, and the tower. Also, it occurs above all in the form of corrosion. Loss of rotor blades is usually the result of erosion and lightning strikes.

Top 10 maintenance tips for wind turbine spare parts; Wind Turbine Repair Strategies

Wind turbine spare parts’ maintenance check-ups usually occur a few times a year with computerized maintenance management system software (CMMS).

Use Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) to ensure better maintenance management and increased reliability for wind turbine spare parts. Such systems are usually utilized in other industries. They continuously evaluate the performance of the wind turbine spare parts, e.g., generator, gearbox & transformer.

1. Utilize RCM & CMS

CMS assists in determining the accurate time for a specific maintenance process. Further steps can also be implemented via CMS as a part of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

RCM is a structured strategy that focuses on reliability when evaluating maintenance plans. Also, it’s reliable to find a balance between preventive & corrective maintenance.

Also, corrective maintenance is a repair system carried out after any failure in the wind turbine spare parts. Condition Monitoring can consist of vibration analysis & oil analysis. Let’s look at tips that can be utilized for wind turbine maintenance.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance for wind turbine spare parts uses sensors placed on critical components. It can send valuable data back to the maintenance team to let them know about the lubrication levels, vibration, foundation displacement, and temperatures.

Wind turbine maintenance activities consist of a vast range, with technicians working via extensive checklists. typically, the work is carried out as follows;

  • Inspection of the electrical cabinet, yaw system, and brake
  • Assessing the blades, gearbox, generators, and blade pitching
  • Examining & tightening bolts
  • Surveying the tower foundation
  • Evaluating oil & lubrication levels, sampling
  • Alignment of the drivetrain
  • Evaluating the nacelle
  • Checking ventilation, air filters & shock absorbers
  • Repairing cracks & corrosion
  • Inspecting bearings & connections

3. Wind Turbine Bolt Inspection

Wind turbine bolt inspections are one of the most crucial routine maintenance activities. You can perform this activity for a torque check on the bolts.

4. Wind Technicians

Maintenance should be done by specialist Wind Turbine Technicians, or “Wind techs,” as they know about the wind turbine spare parts in depth. A professional might work on both the construction & maintenance of wind turbines.

5. Monitoring, Inspection & Diagnostics

It is the best approach to enable predictive asset management. Let’s focus on comprehensive inspection and professional diagnostics on drivetrain health.

6. Uptower Repair

Drawing upon our innovative maintenance technology and experience with an incredible array of configurations, solve the most demanding challenges up the tower. Your up-power capabilities should include; Helical stages, bearing replacement, Rotary re-leads, Wye ring retrofit, and Collector ring & brush replacement.

7. Blade Repairs

Blade repair can maximize the life of your blades by maintaining even the most severe damages. This maintenance will last longer and mitigate future catastrophic failures.

8. Exchanges & refurbishments

You need to reduce turbine downtime due to blade failure with your access to the refurbished blades. Apply any methodology and tooling technology that will enable you to overcome crane requirements. Also, ensure the higher wind speed limits. Your capabilities for this methodology include;

  • Single or multi-blade replacement
  • Blade disposal and recycling
  • Pitch bearing replacements
  • Pitch bearing re-indexing
  • Blade Balancing
  • Blade transportation

9. Major component exchange

Focus on significant component exchange events to reduce the crane requirements, minimize the costs, and prevent downtime with exceptional safety measures & quality.

It would help if you had remanufactured, advanced, or upgraded attributes in your process, and your exchange capabilities should be as follows:

  • Full drivetrain replacement
  • Fixed rotor gearbox exchange
  • Catastrophic gearbox replacement
  • Generator replacement
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Crane-less gearbox exchange

10. Apply robust methods to monitor 

Furthermore, to maintain wind turbine spare parts, you need to apply robust methods to monitor, troubleshoot & inspect your Wind turbines; also, it will assist you in boosting uptime and lifecycle production. Focus on the following expertise and tools.

  • Safety: The main l focus of all wind turbine spare parts repair training and procedures
  • Quality: Technical skill sets, and know-how ensure maintenance for your wind farm is done right
  • Issue solving: Hire technical experts who know when something doesn’t look accurate and how to fix it instantly.


The wind power industry has experienced massive growth in the past years. The growth focuses typically on a growing market. A goal is to enhance the reliability of wind turbines. The topic is even more essential for offshore farms where service is complex and expensive.

The availability of wind turbine spare parts is difficult, but it is essential to keep your wind farms running smoothly.

Prismecs Wind Parts Center of Excellence ensures a wide range of offerings to support your preferred level of essential service. Our team will provide you with what you want, from turbine maintenance kits, wind turbine spare parts, and wear & tear flow parts to gearboxes or blades. You can call us anytime at 1888 7747632 for any queries!


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