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Various Types of Mining Services Equipment

February 20, 2024


A Basic Guide for Mining Tools

The mining industry involves the search for extraction, mineral processing, and the distillation of naturally occurring solid materials from the earth. Mined minerals appear in almost every consumer product from cars to electronics, to jewelry, and much more. Minerals like uranium and coal are major energy sources that account for 50% of the US energy supply. Mining types of equipment refer to the mining tools or mining machines that are used to extract minerals from the earth.

Before we identify key mining tools and mining machines, it’s significant to understand the different types of mining services methods for which these tools are used.

Types of Mining Methods

The procedure of mining falls into two categories, that is surface mining and underground mining. There are three common steps in both types of mining which are as under:

  • Extraction

It consists of digging, drilling, or blasting into the earth to extract minerals.

  • Material Handling

Material handling involves sorting out the materials, sending the target materials to a processing site, and by sending irrelevant materials to a waste area.

  • Material Processing

It is the process where the minerals go to be smelted, crushed, ground, or refined, converting the materials into finished products for distribution.

Surface Mining Method

Surface mining is a type of mining method to extract minerals that are close to the earth’s surface. It is the most frequent method for non-fuel minerals, accounting for 97% of the total amount extracted. The most common types of surface mining include:

  • Strip Mining

Strip mining is when the land is removed from vegetation and rocks before being dug out. It is mainly used for extracting coal and other hard materials.

  • Mountain Top Removal

It is where the tops of mountains are removed and the resulting area is mined.

  • Open Pit Mining

It is where the large areas of land are excavated to create a hole. Open-pit mines are often used to extract gold, silver, and copper.

  • Underground Mining

It is the kind of mining when mineral deposits are located deep below the surface of the earth’s surface. Underground mining is commonly used for the extraction of coal, iron ore, oil, and diamonds.

Types of Underground Mining

  • Room and Pillar Mining

It consists of the construction of rectangular pillars to support the weight of the ceiling while miners clear out the minerals from around the pillars. This technique can be done by specialized underground mining equipment.

  • Retreat mining

This mining follows room and pillar mining until the room’s mining is finished. This procedure finishes the pillars for their ore content to simplify material recovery.

  • Blast mining

The use of explosives to loosen rocks and open mining spaces, particularly in removing hard rock from both ground and surface mines.

Types of Mining Services Equipment

Here is a list of mining services equipment that is used for surface mining or underground mining activities.